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Christian Mindfulness Meditation includes a variety of self-awareness and God awareness approaches.  The aim is to facilitate growth in body, soul and spirit.  

Free Meditations Menu

Each meditation lasts for approximately ten to fifteen minutes and looks at a particular theme.

Christian Mindfulness Breathing Space Meditation

Breathing GIF Meditation

Five Minutes Silent Meditation

Ten Minutes Silent Meditation

Mindfulness of Body and Breath

Body Scan Meditation

A Prayer Of Accepted Tenderness

The Ananias Prayer by Shaun Lambert

A Worship Meditation – Calm me Lord

I will always love you By Joe King

Testimony & Song: I will always love you By Joe King

Inheritance with Graham Cooke and J D Helser

Amazing Grace

The Jesus Prayer Meditation

A Centering Prayer Meditation

Mindful Music Meditation

Christmas Meditation

Abba, I Belong to You (Song by J D Helser)

You Speak (In The Silence Of My Heart) by Audrey Assad

Father’s Blessing with John Paul Jackson

“God loves you just as you are” (Brennan Manning)

Psalm 121 – Michael Card