Advanced Meditations

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Advanced Meditations

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Contemplation Meditations

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It takes time to internalise biblical truth and lay down new neural pathways in the brain, so try sticking with the same meditation for at least a week, or longer if necessary.  Meta-cognitive proposition can become meta-cognitive insight through the renewal of the mind.

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Mindfulness of Body and Breath

New Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation

NEW Christian Mindfulness Movement Meditation [12 minutes]

Prayer Meditation on Psalm 91 [Length 20 minutes]

Meditation on the Peace of God [Length 20 minutes]

Grace Meditation [Length 26 minutes]

Breath Meditation [Length 26 minutes]

The Seven Saying of Jesus on the Cross [Length 37 minutes]

Jesus Prayer Extended Version [Length 30 minutes]

Centring Prayer Extended Version [Length 30 minutes]

Dwelling & Resting Meditation

Calmness & Quietness Meditation

Sound and Thoughts Meditation

Exploring the Challenges of Life

A Kindness Meditation

A Thankfulness Meditation

A Longing Love Meditation

Psalm 62 - A Prayer Meditation

Psalm 34 - A Prayer Meditation

Psalm 42 - A Prayer Meditation

Psalm 84 - A Prayer Meditation

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