Contemplation Scripts

The following 17 Scripts are only available in a Pdf Pack as part of the Silver or Gold package options for the Christian Contemplation Online Course.  See here.

The Meditation Scripts are for personal use, use in a Group or use in 1-2-1 sessions. This enables you to read and adapt the meditations as you see fit [not for commercial use without permission]

Longing Love Meditation

Lectio Divina Mark 4:35-41

Peace Be Still! Meditation

Lectio Divina Psalm 121

Lectio Divina Song of Songs 8

“I am your beloved” Meditation

Compassionate Breathing Meditation [30 minutes]

Compassionate Body Scan Meditation [38 minutes]

Prayer Meditation ‘Father I say YES to your loving-kindness’ [15 minutes]

Lectio Divina Psalm 51

Prayer Meditation “Who am I? I am one loved by Christ”

Abba Prayer Meditation [15 minutes]

Welcoming Prayer Meditation

Meditation of the Beloved [Length 30 minutes]

Centring Prayer (20 Minutes Silence Version)

Resting in God Meditation

Presence Meditation