Living Life To The Full With God

We offer Living Life to the Full With God Short Courses, Online Course Access, Events and Presented Courses from a Christian perspective.  The material presented is the Living Life to the Full with God Resource developed by Professor Chris Williams. The Five Areas® model is currently being used worldwide including extensive use by the NHS in the UK. Living Life to the Full With God seeks to combine Christian faith and spirituality with CBT Life Skills.

“Many Christians face the challenge of stress and low mood from time to time. Their faith can provide a strong support, but also using life skills based on the tried and tested cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) approach can help. Living Life to the Full provides an excellent way of learning to use the CBT approach in everyday life, helping attendees challenge negative thoughts, plan helpful responses to life challenges, and tackle problems – all using an approach that fits with their faith.”

Chris Williams, Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow; Director of Five Areas Limited and Author of Living Life to the Full Resources.

For a short article explaining CBT and the Christian faith see here.