Rev Shaun Lambert : Jesus and Watchfulness

These five messages were recorded by Rev Shaun Lambert and are focused on the value and importance of watchfulness in Mark's Gospel and how being a disciple of Jesus involves following the model of Jesus.   Access is available as part of the Online Course Gold, Silver or Bronze Package options.  Click here for more details on the packages.  Already logged in with a Gold, Silver or Bronze Package?  Click here to watch the videos.

Rev Shaun Lambert

Shaun is a Baptist minister, author, counsellor and psychotherapist based in Stanmore, North West London. He is part of the New Wine leader’s network. He is co-founder of the National Mindfulness Day for Christians and has been researching mindfulness since 2006, in different perspectives, and is currently pursuing a PhD project looking at mindfulness at London School of Theology.

Titles by Rev Shaun Lambert - A Book of Sparks; Putting on the Wakeful One; Flat earth unroofed