Broken yet beautiful : A poem

Fragile inside
Feeling so easy to break
In this moment I can’t escape
The predicament of being human

Juxtaposed with poverty
Treasure within a jar of clay
Held most tenderly with loving-kindness
Every piece and part of who I am
Cherished, loved and embraced

I stand and survey the scene
A painful poignant tapestry
Interwoven beauty and brokenness
The needle and thread penetrating and piercing the canvass of my soul

In weakness I am held
For me there is no other way
Than to yield again to kindness
Gently and patiently lifting my face
To look into His eyes
Full of love and tenderness

I gulp in gasps of life giving oxygen
Grace diffusing into my spiritual bloodstream
Bruised and sometimes battered down
I am radiant and alive
Transformed and transfigured
Broken yet beautiful

© Richard H H Johnston