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“In this brief E Book I explore the key concepts and practices of mindfulness.  All of the main aspects are covered here in distilled form, so if you are looking for a short summary of what mindfulness is about and how it can help your mental health then this is a great place to start" Richard H H Johnston

“This a gentle, compassionate and well-written book with the potential to be of real help to anyone who engages with it. Some Christians may be deterred from doing so because they think 'Mindfulness' is non- Christian at best or even anti-Christian. Richard Johnston dispels that myth very effectively and shows how it links to Biblical Christian faith and has an honourable history in Christianity. Anxiety, hyperactivity or depression affect people of faith or no faith to various degrees. The massive benefit of Christian Mindfulness for a Christian is to be able to articulate 'mindfulness' with what so deeply defines who they are - their faith.”

“This is a great intro for those who are apprehensive about exploring mindfulness because of the so called roots of meditation. This practice was utilized long before the Buddhist traditions began and is currently practiced in many forms. The core of meditation is awareness, and for Christians that is being aware of the presence of the Lord.”

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E Book 3 - Mindfulness of Body, Soul and Spirit by Richard H H Johnston

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One of the reasons that many are turning to mindfulness practices is that the evidence now points to a reduction in stress levels through regular daily mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness can also help reduce anxiety levels and the symptoms associated with low mood and depression.  One of the key ways that mindfulness facilitates these outcomes is through simple awareness of the whole self - body, soul and spirit.