Christian Contemplation Online Course Package Options

  • Connect your awareness with Divine Love
  • Open your heart to the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Experience the depths of your union with Christ
  • Explore teaching, guided meditations and contemplative practices

Christian Contemplation Bronze Package

£59Bronze Package
£59Bronze Package


Christian Contemplation Silver Package

£79Silver Package

Christian Contemplation Gold Package

£120Gold Package

Christian Mindfulness + Christian Contemplation (Buy Both, More Discount)


Double Bronze TWO Online Courses

£99Double Bronze Package
£99Double Bronze Package

Double Silver TWO Online Courses

£129Double Silver Package
£129Double Silver Package

Double Gold TWO Online Courses

£199Double Gold Package
£199Double Gold Package

Christian Contemplation - New Online Course Available Now

The NEW Christian Contemplation course is available now.  Choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages above.  Each session is in the form of a video presentation including slides, visuals, biblical content, guided self-awareness and God awareness meditations, questions for reflection and a suggested weekly meditation programme.

The course sessions are as follows -

  • FREE Online Course Session - “Introducing Christian Contemplation”
  • Session 1 - Lectio Divina and the Contemplative Life
  • Session 2 - The Psalms and the Contemplative Life
  • Session 3 - Song of Songs and the Contemplative Life
  • Session 4 - Loving-kindness and the Contemplative Life
  • Session 5 - Contemplation and Christian Mysticism
  • Session 6 - The Abba Cry and the Contemplative Life

For an A4 course flyer see here.

To watch the FREE Introductory Session see here.  

Length Of Free Introductory Session - Approximately 50 minutes.

  • Christian Contemplation explained and practiced in the context of biblical teaching and the Christian Contemplative tradition
  • The course can be completed as a stand-alone course or as a follow up to the Christian Mindfulness course. See here
  • The material further develops some of the key spiritual themes mentioned in the Christian Mindfulness course.  The main focus is on meditation, contemplation and seeking to grow in a closer relationship with God
  • Designed for personal and/or professional use.  Available in Bronze Silver or Gold package options.  See features below
  • Each Session is in the form of a video presentation and lasts 55-60 minutes each.  See below for session details.  You will have access to the online course sessions and meditations immediately after purchase
  • Weekly meditation programme included with a variety of guided audio meditations provided to help via your password log in.
  • The aim is to help you develop awareness, openness and intimacy with God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • Lectio Divina Scripture Meditation is an important part of this course and involves a gentle approach leading into prayer, meditation and contemplative awareness of God
  • You are encouraged to establish a daily contemplation and meditation practice using a variety of unique Christian Contemplation meditations provided for you.  See here
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