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Christian Mindfulness

  • Revised & Updated Materials
  • Develop greater self-awareness and God awareness
  • Tools for handling stress better
  • Can aid recovery from depression and anxiety
  • Personal spiritual growth in relationship with God
  • Guided mindfulness  practices rooted in the Christian faith

Resource formats available are as follows :

Accredited Certificate

Online Course

Day Workshop

Retreat Day or Four Day Intensive

Presented Course (Annual License)

The material is currently being used worldwide for personal and professional use.  You can try out the FREE Access (Limited Content) membership here.

Christian Contemplation

  • Connect your awareness with Divine Love
  • Open your heart to the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Experience the depths of your union with Christ
  • Explore teaching, guided meditations and contemplative practices

This life changing resource can be completed as a stand-alone course or as a follow up to the Christian Mindfulness course.

Resource formats available are as follows:

Online Course

Day Workshop

Retreat Day

Presented Course (details available on request)

You are invited to establish a regular contemplation practice through inspired teaching and daily guided audio meditations.  You can try out the FREE Access (Limited Content) membership here.

Christian CBT

  • Challenge and change your own unhelpful thoughts and behaviours
  • Proven tools that are fully compatible with the Christian faith
  • Particularly helpful if you struggle with stress, low mood, anxiety or depression

Resources available: CBT Workshops, Online Course Access, Online Course Support, Events, Training and Presented Courses from a Christian perspective.  The material presented is from Living Life to the Full Resources developed by Professor Chris Williams of Glasgow University.  More information is available here.

Sample Meditation

This short meditation integrates awareness of body, soul and spirit in 3 easy to follow steps.  Initially we seek to settle and relax becoming aware of our internal weather pattern - thoughts, feelings and body sensations.  Step 2 leads us to narrow in the focus of our attention on the breath and also acknowledge the presence of Jesus by speaking his name in sync with the in breath and out breath.  Finally step 3 involves a broadening out of awareness to take in the body, breath and presence of God.

More meditations available here.