Mindfulness & Contemplation Practice Review Calls

Would you like to discuss any particular aspect of Christian Mindfulness or Christian Contemplation?  Would you like to discuss your progress or struggles so far? Mindfulness Practice Review Calls are a great opportunity to speak to the course author, Richard Johnston, who has over 20 years experience in this area.  Please read the Terms and Conditions below before making your purchase choice.


1 x MPR Call Buy Now     Price £17


2 x MPR Calls Buy Now    Price £32


3 x MPR Calls Buy Now     Price £45



Please note the following Terms and Conditions –

1. After your purchase you will be asked to suggest several appointment options (dates and times).

2. All Review Calls last for 10 minutes maximum.

3. All appointments are subject to availability and dates and times may have to change depending on circumstances.

4. All appointments will be audio only – No video calls.

5. Christian Mindfulness and Christian Contemplation Practice Review Calls do not offer any form of counselling or psychiatric help.

6. Content of calls will be restricted to a discussion of the course content and a discussion about any questions you may have.

7. This can be beneficial in clarifying any points you are unsure of and encouraging you in your meditation practice.

8. The length of calls will be limited by your choice of purchase.  Calls may be shorter than the purchased length if the discussion comes to a natural end.

9. Telephone calls will only be made to UK land-lines and mobiles.  All international calls will be to Skype addresses.  If you are outside the UK please ensure you have a suitable Skype address.

10. It is the Purchasers responsibility to provide suitable contact numbers and/or Skype addresses.

11.  All Review Calls must be used within 6 months of purchase.