Christian Mindfulness LIVE Online Group Course

"This course has enhanced my understanding, my faith and my practice of mindfulness"

"I'd do it all again!  The course was 100% worth it!  Excellent content.  The zoom aspect worked really well"

Seven Session Zoom Course Starts on:

Wednesday 21st April 7.30-9pm UK time

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When does the course start?

Introductory Session - Wednesday 21st April 2020 at 7.30pm UK time


The sessions will be presented by the course author Richard H H Johnston


Each session will be presented live online using Zoom software.  This can be downloaded free here

What’s included?

  • Access to all of the LIVE online Zoom sessions led by course author Richard H H Johnston
  • Access to the Christian Mindfulness Gold, Silver or Bronze Package

How much is it to enrol for the Christian Mindfulness Online Group Course?

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Zoom Course plus Bronze package - only £149

Zoom Course plus Silver package - only £169

Zoom Course plus Gold package - only £209

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Important Information

Please note that this course does not provide any counselling or psychiatric advice.  If you have any doubts regarding the suitability of mindfulness for you personally then please consult with your doctor or health professional first.

This LIVE Online Group Course explores mindfulness from a Christian Perspective and includes teaching, video clips and small group discussion.  There will also be a variety of self awareness and God awareness meditations throughout the course and you are asked to complete a daily meditation practice which will be provided for you.  This is an integral part of the course to help you develop a regular daily practice.

Course sessions are as follows -

  • Introductory Online Session - Christian Mindfulness
  • Session 1 - Are You Living On AutoPilot?
  • Session 2 - Mindfulness Of Body, Soul And Spirit
  • Session 3 - Do You Believe What You Think?
  • Session 4 - Moving Through Life’s Challenges
  • Session 5 - The Life Transforming Power Of Kindness
  • Session 6 - A Thankful And Contemplative Life