Accredited Certificate in Christian Mindfulness


The Accredited Certificate is offered in partnership with the Institute of Counselling.

The Certificate in Christian Mindfulness is an accredited course which explores how Christian faith and meditation relate to mindfulness practice. The material will lead you through study, reflection and a guided weekly meditation practice.

See below for a description of all the features included.


Key Features :

  • Course Offered in partnership with the Institute of Counselling
  • Access to a Series of Short Question and Answer Videos by the Course Author
  • Christian Mindfulness Free Intro Session
  • Christian Contemplation Free Intro Session
  • Access to Free Meditations Menu
  • 12 Months Membership to Access the Accredited Course Sessions and Materials
  • Access to New Bonus Session “Overcoming Depression”
  • Technical support by email
  • Access to an Additional Menu of Advanced Meditations worth £35
  • Online Course Tutor can be contacted by email
  • Critical Reflection Portfolio Questions for Each Session
  • Access to ALL Lectio Divina Meditations worth £35
  • 3 Formative Assignment Questions (500 Words Each). Marked by Online Course Tutor
  • Final Assessment (3000 Words). Marked by Online Course Tutor.
  • SCQF Accredited Certificate provided on satisfactory completion of the course – 20 points at Level 7 – See here for more details
  • Bonus Feature 1 – Listen to all the keynote speakers from the 2018 National Mindfulness Day for Christians.  See here
  • Bonus Feature 2 – Listen to the speakers and seminars from the 2019 East Midlands Christian Mindfulness Day.  See here
  • Bonus Feature 3 – Listen to the keynote speakers from the 2019 National Mindfulness Day for Christians.  See here