The Devotional Course Audio Files Package enables you to listen to all the course sessions and meditations via the Free SoundCloud App which can be used on smartphones, PCs, laptops and other similar devices.  It includes access to all 40 Course Audio Sessions with Paul Bane and Richard H H Johnston – Approximately 30 minutes per session – see below for more details. Also included is access to the 40 accompanying Devotional Meditations (10 minutes each and recorded by Richard H H Johnston, Director of Christian Mindfulness), Click on Buy Now to purchase access.  Twelve months access is £89.  After 12 months you can renew your membership for only £89 per year.

Devotional Course Sessions included:

Session 1 – I am always at your door

Session 2 – Be still and know that I am

Session 3 – I am present in the quiet of the garden

Session 4 – I am the Good King

Session 5 – I am your Perfect Friend

Session 6 – I am the Tenderness of a mother’s love

Session 7 – My good kingdom is yours

Session 8 – I am waiting for your return to me

Session 9 – I am found in the sacred space of solitude and silence

Session 10 – I am the Divine Parent

Session 11 – Find my gift in every hardship

Session 12 – I am healing your angry spirit

Session 13 – I am healing hurtful words

Session 14 – I am healing your inner voices

Session 15 – I am healing the pain of your past

Session 16 – I am healing your body and spirit

Session 17 – I am calming the storms of your life

Session 18 – I am redeeming your mistakes

Session 19 – Surrender your wounded heart to me

Session 20 – The healing joy of my presence

Session 21 – Be slow to judge

Session 22 – Be wary of your spiritual pride

Session 23 – Don’t worry about tomorrow

Session 24 – Let go of your busyness and hurry

Session 25 – Wealth and popularity are empty dreams

Session 26 – Let me guard the words of your mouth

Session 27 – Love and pray for your enemies

Session 28 – Run away from a safe life

Session 29 – Walk gently in the lives of others

Session 30 – Everlasting peace begins with you

Session 31 – Turning brokenness into Divine art

Session 32 – Even in the darkness

Session 33 – I am the final answer

Session 34 – Death has no power over you

Session 35 – I am your Defender

Session 36 – I am your Guiding Light

Session 37 – I am Lord of your whole life

Session 38 – Always keep your eyes up

Session 39 – I am your Advocate

Session 40 – The Good News: I will abide in you

Accompanying Devotional Meditations

Access to all 40 Devotional Meditations included – See here

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