Christian Contemplation Online Course Bronze Package

£45.00 / year and a £14.00 sign-up fee

This Bronze Package includes access to the Christian Contemplation Course.  See below for all of the features which are included in this package. Please note that the sign-up fee is only paid once and is not part of any future renewals.



The Christian Contemplation Online Course Bronze Package is the basic package for the course.  It includes access to all seven Online Course Video Sessions (approximately 55-60 minutes per session) and involves an exploration of the biblical roots of contemplation and how Christians have practiced contemplation over the centuries.   From this study you are invited to develop your own daily practice using the meditations provided.  Also included is access to the Free Meditations Menu and Contemplation Meditations Menus.  The Contemplation Meditations Menu includes  more than twenty unique guided audio meditations which are integral to the course.  All of the features are listed below.  Click on Subscribe above to purchase membership access.  Twelve months access is £59.  After 12 months you can renew your membership for a further £59 per year.

  • Access to a Series of Short Question and Answer Videos by the Course Author – More details here
  • Christian Mindfulness Free Intro Session
  • Christian Contemplation Free Intro Session
  • Access to the Free Meditations Menu
  • TWELVE Months Membership to Access the Christian Contemplation Six Session Online Course for one individual
  • Technical support by email
  • Access to an Additional Menu of Contemplation Meditations worth £45 – More details here
  • “Are You Living On Autopilot?” Free E Book by Richard H H Johnston – More details here
  • Bonus Feature – Listen to the 7 keynote speakers from the 2018 National Mindfulness Day for Christians.  See here

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