Christian Mindfulness is available as an Eight Session Presented Course.  Each session is in the form of PowerPoint visuals, biblical content, guided self-awareness and God awareness meditations, small group discussions and a suggested weekly meditation programme.  The aim is to help those who attend to establish their own regular mindfulness practice which can help with mental health and aid spiritual growth.

The sessions available are as follows :

  • Introductory Session – Christian Mindfulness
  • Week 1: Are You Living On AutoPilot?
  • Session 2: Mindfulness Of Body, Soul And Spirit
  • Session 3: The Mouse In The Maze
  • Session 4: Moving Beyond The Rumour Mill
  • Session 5: Moving Through Life’s Challenges
  • Session 6: The Life Transforming Power Of Kindness
  • Session 7: Living In The Wisdom Of Acceptance And Peace
  • Session 8: A Thankful And Contemplative Life

Also included with the Annual License –

  • Free access to the Christian Mindfulness Group Page on Facebook for all the latest news and meditations from Christian Mindfulness.
  • Regular Twitter quotes and updates.
  • One Free Access Pass to the Six Session Online Version of the course (this gives 12 months access).  It is recommended that the trainer/presenter completes the Online Course before attempting to present the Full Nine Session Course.

A renewal fee of £299 is payable at the end of each 12 month period.  If you fail to renew the license within 1 month of the renewal date then a new purchase will be necessary.

After purchase you will be provided with access to the course presentation materials by email.  NB At this point the license fee becomes non-refundable.

Please note that

  1. An Annual License is required for each local church or local organization.
  2. If you are presenting at more than one local church or local organisation then you will require multiple licenses.  Please ask for further information here and provide details of your request.
  3. This Annual License Option is not for Commercial Use.  If you wish to use the License for Commercial Use (i.e. charge delegates for attendance) then please request further information here.