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For details of the Diploma in Christian Mindfulness & Contemplation see here

The Certificate in Christian Mindfulness provides a unique route to study and research mindfulness with a Christian and biblical understanding.  The Certificate has been developed by Richard H H Johnston and the content reviewed by a qualified Christian Consultant Psychiatrist.  The course materials will lead you through reading, written work, reflection and a guided weekly meditation practices.

"Thank You for constructing this life changing course"

Toni Fraser, Certificate Student

"I have had to truly be still and know God at this time and Christian mindfulness has been brilliant.  I am truly grateful for discovering this course and what you have developed!  Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Elsa Carr, Certificate Student

"The Certificate in Christian Mindfulness Course is a beautifully paced series of online teaching modules with regular mindfulness and prayer practices woven through which walk the learner through a deep experience of faith-based mindfulness. The material is bible-based but also usefully informed by the fields of neuroscience and psychology, and the learning is embedded in a wide-ranging collection of student assignments.  The addition of some music and personal stories combine with the more formal elements to produce a really creative, experiential course which I would recommend for anyone wishing to explore Christian Mindfulness."

Belinda Norrington, Certificate Student and Lead for Pastoral and Wellbeing development at Zeo Church in Hertfordshire, UK.

"I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the Course and how impressed I am by what you have put together. This is such a good course.  I wish... we could all get hold of the truths you present. There is such richness here. I am finding the course one of the most exciting and enriching I have ever undertaken.  Thank you for putting this together and offering it as a means of Grace towards personal transformation."

Fran Lloyd, Certificate Student

"Mindfulness is a core human skill, especially when dealing with depression and several other mental illnesses. This Christian approach is most helpful. It contextualizes it for the Christian audience and draws on the rich tradition of related skills such as contemplation and prayer. The course will be of benefit to many people, especially those who struggle with recurrent depression - for which mindfulness has a growing evidence bases"

Dr Rob Waller, Consultant Psychiatrist working for the NHS in Scotland and Director of the Mind and Soul Foundation

What’s included?

  • Access to the Seven Unit Online Course
  • Access to a new Bonus Session - Overcoming Depression (this Bonus Session is not part of the study units)
  • Access to the Free Meditations Menu.  See here.
  • Access to the Advanced Meditations Menu.  See here.
  • Access to the Lectio Divina Scripture Meditations Menu.  See here.
  • Each Unit of the course includes a Video Presentation, Weekly Meditation Practice, Suggested Reading Programme and various Assignment Questions.
  • Access to the Guided Online Meditations are included via your login for your weekly meditation programme.
  • The Assignments involve a Practice Portfolio of Assignment Questions for each unit, 3 Formative Assignment Questions (500 words each) and one final Tutor Marked Assessment (TMA, 3000 words).
  • Your appointed Online Course Tutor will be Course Author, Richard H H Johnston
  • Your completed Formative Assignments and final TMA (Tutor Marked Assessment) will be marked by the Online Course Tutor and Author Richard H H Johnston
  • Tutor support is available via email correspondence
  • Optional Skype Call Tutor Support is available if required (additional cost involved of £30 per 30 minute call)
  • All Course content has been reviewed and verified as appropriate by a Christian Consultant Psychiatrist.
  • To enrol for the Certificate in Christian Mindfulness click on the enrolment button below.
  • After enrolment you will be provided with a password to access the course materials.
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