Living Life To The Full With God – Short Course

Many people feel stressed, challenged or low from time to time. Being a Christian doesn’t stop us being affected by everyday life difficulties. Faith can often be a helpful resource, but unfortunately can also sometimes add to our difficulties.

Living life to the Full with God (LLTTF-WG) is based on the widely used, evidence-based Living life to the Full course. Written by award-winning author Professor Chris Williams, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow, and Past-President of the lead body for CBT in the UK.

The “With God” version of the course has been written and updated by Christians and explores the challenges faced by Christians when they struggle. Bringing together an evidence-based approach, practical advice and a faith-based perspective, attendees will discover new insights into how they feel - and the faith-informed changes they can make to their lives.

Over 4 sessions of 90 minutes each attendees will learn:

Session 1: How life/faith are impacted at times of low mood/stress

  • How low mood can affect your life and relationships
  • Consider how low mood/stress affect faith
  • Reflect on how faith can be part of the solution, or become part of the problem

Session 2: Doing things that make you feel better

  • Consider ways of maintaining our walk with God
  • Understand how low mood or anxiety can make going to church hard.
  • Work out ways of supporting ourselves or others when they are struggling.

Session 3: Helpful and unhelpful ways of thinking about ourselves, others and God

  • Learn to spot and change common patterns of unhelpful thinking.
  • Contrast some of the ways we judge and condemn ourselves - and compare that with how God sees us.
  • Practice being kinder and more compassionate to ourselves when we are upset.

Session 4: Relating to others

  • Discover how to live the Great Commandment in practical ways
  • Seeing through the eyes of others/the perspective of others.
  • Forgiveness and repairing broken relationships

You will get the most from the course by attending all four sessions.

The Course can be delivered on Zoom or in person.  The details for the next course can be found here.

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Living Life to the Full Course resources are available direct from Five Areas Resources - see here

“Many Christians face the challenge of stress and low mood from time to time. Their faith can provide a strong support, but also using life skills based on the tried and tested cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) approach can help. Living Life to the Full with God provides an excellent way of learning to use a CBT life skills approach in everyday life, helping attendees respond helpfully to negative thoughts, plan helpful responses to life challenges, and tackle problems – all using an approach that fits with their faith.”

Chris Williams, Professor of Psychosocial Psychiatry at the University of Glasgow; Director of Five Areas Limited and Author of Living Life to the Full with God Resources.