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Audios included

Scottish Church Leaders Meeting - Speaker: RT Kendall

Session 1 - Speaker: John Caldwell

Session 2 - Speaker: RT Kendall

Session 3 - Speaker: Pete Anderson

Session 4 - Speaker: Tom Lennie

Session 5 - Speaker Donna MacNeil

Session 6 - Speaker: RT Kendall

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Main Conference Speakers

R.T. Kendall is the President of RT Kendall Ministries  and the author of more than 50 books including Receiving the Isaac Promise, Prepare your heart for the Midnight Cry, Total Forgiveness, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over and The Anointing, . He served as the senior minister of Westminster Chapel in London for 25 years. R.T. holds several degrees, including a doctorate of philosophy from Oxford University. He now stays in Nashville, Tennessee, but continues to travel the world preaching the Gospel and the power of the Spirit in revival.

Peter Anderson  is the Lead Pastor of City on a Hill, a multisite church across Edinburgh and the Lothians, which he and his wife, Angie, started in 1998.  Peter is also the founder of Go Global, a family of churches established in Scotland, in Europe and across Africa and Asia, many of which were planted out of Edinburgh.  He is a firm believer in the power of prayer; he is committed to facilitating unity prayer movements and for the last few years, has been gathering pastors and leaders from Edinburgh and across Scotland to come together in unity to pray for the nation and for revival.

Donna MacNeil is based at Martins Memorial Church, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.  She has a passionate heart to pursue the King and see His Kingdom advance on the earth. As ministry support worker for Martins Memorial church, Donna continues to lead, empower and inspire others in their walk with God. Donna carries a passion for prayer and a hunger for revival and believes we are living in some of the greatest days for the church of Christ.


Tom Lennie is probably Scotland's foremost revival historian.  A native of Orkney, he serves as Executive Editor of Prophecy Today UK. With a longstanding fascination with revival , he is the author of ‘Glory in the Glen’, ‘Land of Many Revivals’, and ‘Scotland Ablaze’.  These books give detailed accounts of revivals in Scotland from the early 1500s onwards.  Tom's most recent book is called Island Aflame in which he carefully researches the facts relating to the well know revival on the isle of Lewis between 1949 and 1952. See below for a pre-conference interview with Tom Lennie.


John Caldwell is the lead pastor of Kairos Church, Stirling, a prison chaplain, and author of several books including his testimony: ‘Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle’. In 1999, whilst caught in a lifestyle of addiction and chaos, John had a life changing encounter with Jesus Christ. He is passionate about the power of the gospel to transform individuals, and the presence of the Holy Spirit to revive the church in Scotland and empower her to bring in the harvest. He lives in Perthshire, with his wife and two sons.


Conference Organiser

Richard H H Johnston is the founder of Revive Us Again Ministries, Christian Mindfulness and Mindful Church.  He has a particular passion to help people connect with the healing mercy of Christ through prayer, meditation and contemplative practices.  He came to faith in Christ one Saturday afternoon in 1989, while reading John's Gospel.  He says "the Holy Spirit came upon me.  It was like Divine electricity going through my body.  A huge smile came on my face and I started to cry with both surprise and amazement."  He has a passion for revival, longs to see the church revived and the nation awakened to know Jesus Christ.  For a blog article entitled "Restoring Scotland's Prophetic Heritage" see here.

Audios included

Scottish Church Leaders Meeting - Speaker: RT Kendall

Session 1 - Speaker: John Caldwell

Session 2 - Speaker: RT Kendall

Session 3 - Speaker: Pete Anderson

Session 4 - Speaker: Tom Lennie

Session 5 - Speaker Donna MacNeil

Session 6 - Speaker: RT Kendall